spit-wheel.JPG (54197 bytes) Centercap Decals

Centercap Decals made from high quality Vinyl are available in several styles as illustrated below.   In addition, others can be made to order in virtually any color combination.   More styles are being added all the time.  Custom made decals are a bit more expensive because of artwork costs.


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TRShield.JPG (141303 bytes)

  All wheelcap decals are priced at $15.00 per set of 5

                                 Blue Shelby

The Shelby decals are 1.5" in diameter and are designed to reproduce the original decals on the caps supplied with SHELBY wheels.  $15.00 per set of 5  The decals are available in either black and red on a chrome background (as shown in the left image) or Blue and red on chrome (right).


These images are for the purposes of illustrating what the artwork will look like.   The finished product will be smoother because they are not pixelized as is required for digital  representations.  The colors of the Wreath images with lettering may be changed per preference.  These colors are only examples.  However, the more colors in the production run, the higher the cost.  For this reason, I would like to keep the color selection to those shown plus Gold and Silver.  Any mixing of lettering and wreath colors is allowed.   Decals are sold in sets of 5.   Typical sizes are 1.59" (for Minitor (MiniLite replica) wheels, 1.75" (Stock later Spitfire wheel caps and 2" (TR. and GT6 wheel caps).  However, any size can be done up to 2.5" for the same cost.  Special diagrams are also available.  Ask for a quote.  Non stock decals require a $25.00 special run fee due to material loss encountered in small runs.  This fee is waived on orders of 10 sets or more.  See ordering instructions at the bottom of the page.

Triumph Shield Sign logo:

This image (12" high x 11.5" wide) is made on either white or chrome vinyl background with cobalt blue overlay.  It is perimeter cut so that the color of the material that it is applied to will show around the 2 color image.  The decal is ideal for Race Cars,  making signs for your shop or applying to the sides of enclosed trailers.  The price if $20.00 for the white or $35.00 for the chrome background includes the cost of shipping.  These are made to order so please allow 3 weeks for delivery after receipt of an order.  See ordering instructions at the bottom of the page.

Triumph.jpg (77964 bytes)


US MK3 Spitfire badge repair kit:

This kit consists of 3 decals used to restore the single year badge that was used on US Spitfire Mk3's.  The cost of the kit is $20.00 (Shipping included)

Mk3 Badge.jpg (22994 bytes)

Mk3 Spitfire rear fender badge repair kit:

The image below shows the rear fender badge before and after the new decal has been applied.  Decals are sold in pairs for $15.00 (US) which includes shipping.

Mk3 Badge.jpg (22994 bytes)


Mk3 Spitfire rear Boot lid badge repair kit:

Here is a new image that I have recently developed to repair the badge located on the boot lid of later Mk3 Spitfires.  The badge is also rumored to be the same as on certain TR6's.  The repair decals sell for $7.50 each.  If one buys a set for the car consisting of the Bulls eye bonnet kit, the two side decals and this one for the boot lid, the price is $40.00 (a savings of $2.50 compared to the cost of  ordering separately.


1500 Spitfire rear fender badge and bonnet badge repair kits:

Here is a new image that I have recently developed to repair the rear quarter panel badge on early 1500 cars.  (The bubbles will come out when the decal is applied to the badge)

These sell for $15.00 per pair (shipping included)

And here is the one for the bonnet of the same model 1500 .  They sell for $7.50 each, or you can buy two fender decals and the front badge decal for $20.00 for the set. (shipping included)

The bezel is very rough in this photo but it was the only one I had to illustrate the decal installation.

As with the 1500 decals the repair kit for the Spitfire MkIV model are priced the same ($7.50 each or a kit containing the two rear fender  decals and the one for the bonnet for $20.00)  Shipping is included.

These seatbelt buckle logos are 1.5" square and sell for $6.00/pair (postage included).

These seatbelt buckle logos are 1.5" square and sell for $7.00/pair (postage included).  They were designed for the TR2 and early TR3 models

These special Commemorative static cling decals are 4" wide and made of reusable static cling vinyl for application on the inside of glass.  They are priced at $5.00 each.  Special club pricing is available for large quantities.

Banners are available by special order and will cost around $6.00 per square foot plus shipping and handling.  Please email for a specific quote.

SPList.JPG (114290 bytes)TRList.JPG (118332 bytes) List Decals

Decals have been produced in Static Cling Vinyl that affix to the inside of glass.  These are designed to help subscribers to the Triumph and Spitfire Internet mail lists to identify each others' cars at events.  They are also being produced in the same adhesive backed vinyl as the centercap logos.  All types are available at $3.00 each

Note: SPITFIRE List Static cling decals are out of stock.

If your club needs custom decals, please ask for a quote!

If you are interested in receiving any of the above designs, EMAIL me at spitlist@cox.net.  I will explain how to order.