Vista Grill

Spit (Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3)

GT6 Mk1, GT6+ and GT6 Mk2

In the 60's an after-market accessory was offered for the early "round tail" Spitfires.  The "Vista Grill" was originally made from steel tubes that were flattened to give more depth.  This produced a very attractive alternative to the standard grill inserts that Triumph installed at the factory.

The "New Vista" grill uses the same size tubes that are made from brass but are not flattened.  They are bent into the same profile as the Vista grill and attach the same way.  They are triple chrome plated and will retain their attractive shine for years of service.

This is the New Vista Chrome plated brass version.
A second offering is called the "Blade Runner".  It is made from 3/16 x .75" steel bar stock.   It too is triple chrome plated.  Since the material is heavier shipping costs will be greater.

This is the Blade Runner Grill made from steel flat bar and triple chrome plated.
Both grills install onto 4 holes that are drilled into the grill panel (two on the outside of the grill openings) . 

These grills are hand built to order so please allow 3 weeks before they ship.

Please contact me by phone if you have any questions.

Either Grill sells for $250 (US) plus shipping.  If you are interested, please EMAIL me at spitlist(a) for further details. (You will have to substitute the symbol @ in place of the (a) in the email address.)