Understanding the VIN number of a late Spitfire
Late in 1979 Triumph converted their vehicle numbering system to the International Vehicle Identification Numbering (VIN) System.  The last Spitfire made is TFADW5AT 009898.  The various portions of this VIN defines the vehicle according to the following chart:
First character:  Defines the Marque.

Second character: Defines the model.

Third character: Defines the market configuration.




Fourth character: Defines the body style

Fifth character: Defines engine type/size

Sixth character: Defines Steering/Transmission




Seventh character: Defines the model year



Eighth Character: Defines Manufacturing Plant

T= Triumph

F= Spitfire

A= Base Model (Home or European)

L= Canadian Market

V= US Federal (49 States)

Z= California Market

D= Open, 2-seat roadster

W= Triumph 1500 engine

1= RHD, No Overdrive

2= LHD, No Overdrive

5= RHD With Overdrive

6= LHD With Overdrive

9= 1979

A= 1980

B= 1981

T= Triumph plant, Canley, Coventry